Military & Family Life Counselor (MFLC)

Hours of Operation

Monday Flexible/ By Appointment
Tuesday Flexible/ By Appointment
Wednesday Flexible/ By Appointment
Thursday Flexible/ By Appointment
Friday Flexible/ By Appointment
Saturday As Needed, By Appointment
Sunday As Needed, By Appointment
Holidays Closed (All Federal Holidays)


Army Community Service Resiliency Center MFLC Program 626 Swift Rd.
Bldg. 626 Second Floor
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WiFi Available

Handicap Accessible

+1 (845)938-3212 +1 (800)643-3039 FAX: (845) 938-3019

Military DSN Tel:
+1 (312)688-3212


MFLC Mission
The mission of the MFLC Program is to provide support and assistance to active duty Soldiers, National Guard & Reserves, military Family Members and civilian personnel. Military and Family Life Consultants can help those who are having trouble coping with concerns and issues of daily life.

To support military Families and their unique challenges, the MFLC Program offers:
• Short-term, non-medical counseling services at no cost.
• Education to help military service members and their Families understand the impact of deployments, separations, and others stressors related to the military lifestyle.
• Augmentation to existing military support services.
• Flexible meeting times and locations, either on or off the Installation.
• Individual, couples, Families, & group session covering topics: anger management, relationship issues, coping skills, anxiety, relocation adjustment, & more.
• Free, confidential counseling and no written records are kept.