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Youth Sponsorship Information for Parents

Did you recently receive PCS orders and have a child that’s worried about moving? Maybe you’ve heard them wonder:
Who will my new friends be?
What will my new school look like?
What activities/sports are available?
Will I fit in?
What are the other kids wearing?

The Youth Sponsorship Program connects your child to another youth in the new community to answer these questions and so much more

Why should my child request a sponsor? A sponsor:

  • Allows your child to get to know their community before they arrive.
  • Provides them with someone who can show them the ropes in their new community.
  • Helps reduce social isolation, leading to a healthier transition with reduced stress and at-risk behaviors.
  • Gives youth a youth perspective on their new community and school.
  • Allows you to focus on other aspects of transition, knowing that your child’s needs are being met.

What does the Youth Sponsorship Program provide for my child? 

  • Their sponsor will provide them a welcome packet and information about their new community before they arrive.
  • Upon arrival their sponsor will arrange for them to have a tour of the community and, once you know which school they will be attending, provide information about the school and arrange for a tour there as well.
  • Various activities and events will help your child meet new people, learn about their school and community, and expose them to various activities and events.

How do I get a sponsor assigned to my child?

  • Once you receive PCS orders/arrive to West Point contact your School Liaison Officer (Michi Carl at (845) 938-2092) or (Angela Riley at the Youth Center (845) 938-8889/3727).

What is a Youth Sponsor?
Youth Sponsors are at both the youth center and the school and provide information about the community and school to their sponsee via welcome packets, e-mail, and face-to-face communication.

  • Youth Sponsors ensure their assigned sponsees have the right information to help them learn about their community and school and connect to other youth who have similar interests.
  • They plan events that help transitioning youth feel more connected to their community.
  • They are leaders in their school and community.
  • Builds a sense of belonging in their community and to give back to others.
  • Teaches new coping and resilience strategies that can assist your child when they transition.
  • Builds leadership experience.
  • Provides opportunities for service learning hours.
  • Offers opportunities to participate in training and programs with other youth across the community.
  • Provides adult mentorship.
  • Inspires youth to be an active part of their community.

How can my child become a Youth Sponsor?
Contact your local installation youth center (845) 938-3727 or School Liaison Officer (845) 938-2092.


Middle School Teen Center (MST)

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