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Join a team that takes care of our Soldiers, Civilians and their families. West Point Family & MWR has multiple positions available from event catering, childcare, and outdoor recreation. Apply for a position at West Point & enjoy the opportunity to take care of those who protect our great nation.

Automotive Mechanic Helper
(#NENAFBR181022453SR / NA-05)

(#NENAFBR1810106178SR / NA-03)

Bar Assistant
(#NENAFBR1810106878SR / NA-01)

(#NENAFBR1810108203SR / NA-04)

Food Service Worker
(#NENAFBR1810107583SSR / NA-01)

Food & Beverage Attendant
(#NENAFBR1810107219SR / NA-01)

Recreation Aid (Lifeguard)
(#NENAFBR1810102104SR / NF-01)

Supply Technician
(# NENAFBR1810221822 / NF-03)

Must apply via

Keywords: Army Installation Management Command

Location: West Point, NY

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