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Date: Oct 16 2017

Youth Sports & Instructional Programs - 500 Washington Rd Bldg 500 West Point 10996 Google Map

Mondays (Lichtenberg Tennis Center, Bldg. 708)
5:45-6:15pm (ages 5-6)
6:20-7:20pm (ages 7-10)
7:25-8:25pm (ages 11-18)
Children will learn basic strokes, footwork, fundamentals of play, game play and tennis etiquette. The SKIES tennis program offers a fun environment to learn this lifetime sport.
• Ages 5-18
• Mondays evenings
• Instructor: Jacqui Laird

Dates & Times subject to change.


$56 (8) 30 minute lessons.
$112 (8) 60 minute lessons.

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