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Fishing at West Point

To fish anywhere at West Point, all individuals ages 16 years and older must possess both 1) a WEST POINT FISHING PERMIT and 2) a NEW YORK STATE FISHING LICENSE



DPW Natural Resources manages all hunting and fishing via the West Point Fish & Game Website, West Point iSportsman. At this site, users can register an account, purchase permits, check the availability of hunting and fishing areas, check in and check out of areas, access updated regulations, news, notices and more, and meet game reporting requirements.

MWR’s Outdoor Recreation Division only assists with registering new accounts, renting boats, and relaying information to customers. Permits are no longer sold in person, with the possible exception of Round Pond and Lake Frederick camper day fishing permits (valid only for those water bodies respectively), if available. All other hunting and fishing permits are purchased only through the West Point iSportsman website.

West Point Fishing Permits can be purchased online HERE. New York State Fishing Licenses can be purchased HERE.



Ice Fishing

Note to Ice Anglers:

In accordance with AR-215-5, Chapter 4, 4-2 Authorized Fishing Areas and the current annual West Point Fishing Notice, Ice fishing at Lusk Reservoir is prohibited.

Ice conditions are extremely variable due to weather, currents, depth and other conditions. In general, the NYSDEC recommends three to four inches of good clear ice for minimum safety for ice fishing on foot. 

Ice Anglers are personally responsible for safety and should verify safety of lake where they intend on fishing. Do not rely on the presence of other fishermen or previous experience. Use good judgment.

USAG West Point does not monitor ice thickness and cannot guarantee participants' personal safety while on the ice. For additional information on ice safety and ice fishing regulations please see: Have fun and Be Safe!

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and off-road vehicles (ORVs) are prohibited at West Point, including on ice. Anglers are further reminded taking any vehicle out on ice, for any reason, is strictly prohibited.

Ice shanties must be temporary only and must be taken down and removed from West Point waters and surrounding shoreline at the end of each day. Ice shanties left on West Point will be confiscated. 

New York State Fishing Licenses

New York State Fishing Licenses:

Patrons are able to purchase their New York State Hunting and Fishing Licenses either online, in person at various local locations including the offices of the Town of Highlands, Town of Cornwall, and the Town of New Windsor, or via telephone at +1 (866)933-2257. A comprehensive list of local locations is available from the New York DEC

Please note, fishing licenses are instantly valid. To get licenses/tags instantly, visit a license issuing agent location. Active Duty, non-New York resident personnel will still be able to purchase their discounted New York State License either online or in person at various local locations including the offices of the Town of Highlands, Town of Cornwall, and the Town of New Windsor. If you are purchasing in person, they are encouraged to fill out this form ahead of time.

More information about New York State reduced fee Sporting Licenses is available here.

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Guide Water Size/Depth

Guide Water Size/Depth:

Most of the depth charts were produced in 1974 by the Natural Resources Branch. A sounding line was used to determine depths along several transects at each area. A sonar unit was used in 1989 to update some maps. The contours on the maps are approximations and indicate depths at capacity. Consequently, depths will be different at lower water levels, but contour profiles will not change. Physical characteristics include the surface area in acres and the maximum and average depths measured in feet.

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Boat / Motor Usage & Passes

Boat & Motor Usage: (Currently unavailable - COVID 19) 

Boats may be used in all West Point waters with the following restrictions: powerboats (internal combustion engines) may be used only on Stilwell and Popolopen lakes. Daily powerboat permits are available at the Round Pond Recreation Area office. Nonpower boats (includes boats powered by electric motors) may be used in all waters except Lusk Reservoir where ONLY boats using oars and paddles may be used. All boaters must have a U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device for each passenger. If Outdoor Recreation boats are stationed at the pond, it is noted. Boat passes are available at the Round Pond Recreation Office.

Item Price
 Electronic Trolling Motor with Battery $15/day
 Battery/marine $5/day
 Life vest (ea.) $2/day
 Paddles (pair) $2/day
 Row Boat / 15' Canoe w/ life vest, oars &   anchor $6/hr or $30/24hrs

$6/hr or $4/half hr

 BOAT PASSES  (Currently unavailable - COVID 19) 

User Price
E1 - E4 / Cadets $75 Season
All Others $100 Season

Passes are good for one boating season. Row boats are moored on 6 lakes/ponds. Keys are signed out at Round Pond on a 48 hr basis. Daily fees are charged for late returns.

The following codes indicate what motors can be used on boats:

  • N-no motors allowed
  • E-electric motors permitted
  • GP- gasoline-powered motors permitted (Daily Powerboat Permit required.)
Area Access & Check-In/Out

Area Access & Check-In/Out:

As an active military installation, many of the hunting and fishing areas on West Point are often closed for safety and to prevent interference with the mission. Many areas require check-in/out via iSportsman.


Is Check-In Required?

Training Area?   Is Check-In Required? Training Area?
Beaver Pond Yes Yes Long Pond No No
Brooks Hollow Yes Yes Lusk Reservoir No No
Bull Pond No No Mine Lake Yes Yes
Cragston Lakes No No Popolopen Lake Yes Yes
Cranberry Pond Yes Yes Round Pond No No
Lake Frederick No No Stilwell Lake Yes Yes
Lake Georgina Yes Yes Weyants Pond Yes Yes
Long Pond No No Wilkins Pond No No


  Is Check-In Required? Training Area?
Highland Brook Yes Yes - Training Area - Z1
Hudson River No No
Mineral Springs Brook Yes Yes - Training Area - L
Popolopen Brook (upstream) Yes No
Popolopen Brook (downstream) Yes No
Queensboro Brook Yes Yes - Training Area - CS
Trout Brook Yes Yes - Training Area - L



Check-In on iSportsman Before Entering Area: All permitees and guests/walkers will check in on iSportsman prior to entering Training Area. Users must be in the field within one hour of checking in or must otherwise check out of the area on iSportsman.

Check-Out, Check-In on iSportsman when Changing Areas:  All permitees changing from one training area to another must first check out of the area they are exiting on iSportsman and then check in to the new area they are entering. 

Check-Out on iSportsman After Exiting Area: All permitees and guests/walkers will check out on iSportsman when exiting Training Area. Users must be checked out within one hour of exiting the area. 

**All anglers and their guests and walkers doing any fishing related activities from walking, scouting to the actual fishing must check in and check out on iSportsman at required locations.

Check-In at Non-Required Locations: It is possible for users to check-in even at non-required locations and this is encouraged. Checking in allows Natural Resource Branch to better understand area usage and lets users report harvest. Understanding usage and harvest better allows Natural Resources to manage the fishing program for the sake of anglers and natural resources alike. 


For maps for information on location of fishing areas, see the West Point iSportsman website. The interactive map as well as fishing area maps and bathymetric charts are available on this site.

To see area availability, visit the West Point iSportsman website and check the Areas table or the interactive map to see what areas are open/closed today and scheduled to be open/closed tomorrow.

Access for 2WD passenger-type privately owned vehicles (POVs) is described as excellent, good, fair, and poor. In most cases pickup trucks and 4WD vehicles with high ground clearance should have little difficulty in reaching the areas during dry road conditions.

All hunters and anglers are advised that while range roads are fairly regularly maintained, conditions can vary with weather and terrain.



In general, the fish are not stocked if the species cannot naturally reproduce in West Point's lakes, ponds, or streams. If all habitat variables, except reproductive variables, exist in an area, the species may be stocked if prescribed in the West Point Fisheries Management Plan and funds and fish are available.

Trout are typically stocked annually in the spring, including brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout. See the annual trout stocking notice linked below. Channel catfish are also periodically stocked. In the fall, tiger muskellunge are stocked as available through a state stocking program.

**All stocked fish species are stocked by the West Point Natural Resources Branch or New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. No other stocking or release of fish species, game or otherwise – whether native or exotic – is permitted in any West Point waters.

Annual Trout Stocking Notice

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Reporting Requirements

Reporting Harvest

While reporting harvest is mandatory for all hunters at West Point, anglers are not obligated to report their catch (West Point Reg. 215-5). However, anglers are encouraged to report and may do so by checking in to areas and then reporting their harvest upon check out via iSportsman.

Size & Bag Limits

For season dates, bag and size limits and other specific rules and regulations for fishing at West Point, see the Annual West Point Fishing Notice.

Fish Species By Waterbody
Bull Pond X   X X       X      
Beaver Pond X     X   X          
Round Pond X   X X X X X X X    
Lusk Reservoir X   X X   X          
Highland Brook     X                
Cragston Lakes X           X        
Lake Georgina X     X       X      
Lake Frederick X     X X     X X    
Mine Lake X     X X X   X X    
Popolopen Lake X X   X X X X X X X X
Weyants Pond X     X     X X X    
Wilkins Pond X     X       X      
Stilwell Lake X X   X   X X X X X X
Cranberry Pond X     X     X X X    
Queensboro Brook     X                
Mineral Springs Brook




Largemouth Bass
Black Crappie
Smallmouth Bass
Bullhead species
Trout species*
Yellow Perch
Sunfish species*
Walleye (formerly stocked)
Channel Catfish
Tiger Muskellunge (stocked)
Chain Pickerel