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Parent & Outreach Services

Effective immediately, our CYS Parent and Outreach Services office, located in Bldg. 140, hours of operation will be Monday thru Friday 0730-1700. For questions and appointments please call (845) 938 3969/1362/4458.

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[Inside the School Age Center - Building 140] The Parent and Outreach Services (P&OS) office is your gateway to all CYS Services programs.  P&OS provides enrollment, registration and information for all CYS Services programs, resources/referrals for child care both on and off West Point, extended hours care, special center openings, parent participation and volunteering options, parent education seminars, babysitter training and more!


CYS Connections (West Point CYS Newsletter):

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Dear CYS Patrons, 
Please see the attached updated DoD changes to priorities for child care.
The new priority system will become effective on 1 September 2020. 

We want to hear from you!

We are always looking for ways to expand our services to better serve the West Point Community. Especially with the demanding schedules of parenting, we understand how quickly time becomes a precious commodity.



You take care of business without coming in! With Webtrac, you can start new registrations, schedule registration and hourly care appointments, update household information, request child care, upload documents, make payments on your monthly childcare fees, print receipts and tax statements or sign up for advertised SKIESUnlimited classes, Youth Sports or special activities.

* Note not all services are available at all locations. Please be sure to ask what is at your garrison today.



Parent and Outreach Services is your gateway to Child and Youth Services programs. We support Family readiness and well-being by helping you balance military requirements and parental responsibilities.


* Here are the programs offered at most installations:

  • Parent Central Services (formerly Central Enrollment)
  • Kids at Home
  • Parents on Site
  • Kids on Site!
  • School of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration, and Skills (SKIESUnlimited)
  • CYSitters
  • Parent Liaison Services
  • Community Liaison Services 


* Not all programs are offered at every garrison. Please check with your local CYS office to verify program availability.

CYS Registration

Registering Your Child in CYS

The first step to participating in CYS programs and activities is registration. Start your CYS registration by gathering up the needed paperwork with Webtrac online services, then finish up in person at Parent Central Services.


We’ll verify your eligibility (based on the sponsor’s status) at registration.

You’ll need your ID card and the following items to complete your registration:


  • Kids age – 0-12 years
    • CYS Health Screening Tool, DA 7625-1, Tool 1 or DA 7725
    • Child Health Assessment - complete Parts A, B & C or Part A + school physical (due within 30 days of registration)
    • Family Care Plan for single/dual military only (due within 30 days of registration)
  • 6th grade – 12th grade:
    • CYS Teen Self  Registration Form
    • CYS Health Screening Tool, DA 7625-1, Tool 1 or DA 7725 (complete only if physician documented special needs)


After CYS registration, most of your information follows you from post to post, so you don’t have to start from scratch after each new PCS move.


Once your registration is complete, you can enroll in programs like these: Child Development Centers (CDC), Family Child Care (FCC), School Age Centers (SAC), Kids on Site (KOS), Camps (Summer Camp and Before School Supervision), SKIESUnlimited, and Youth Sports. You’ll need to complete the listed forms for the program in which you are enrolling, available on WebTrac or in person at CYS Parent Central Services:


  • Child Care (including Child Development Centers, Family Child Care and School Age Center)
    • Application for Department of Defense Child Care Fees, DD 2652 (not applicable to hourly care)
    • USDA Income Eligibility Form
    • Current immunization record (up to five year olds, and school age kids not enrolled in public school)
    • CYS Health Screening Tool, DA 7625-1, Tool 1 or DA 7725
    • Child Health Assessment (complete Parts A, B & C or Part A + school physical), due within 30 days of registration
    • Current immunization record (up to five year olds, and school age kids not enrolled in public school)


  • Kids on Site
    • CYS Health Screening Tool, DA 7625-1, Tool 1 or DA 7725
    • Child Health Assessment (complete Parts A, B & C or Part A + school physical), due within 30 days of registration
    • Current immunization record (up to five year olds, and school age kids not enrolled in public school)


  • Summer Camp (before 1pm) or Before School Supervision
    • Application for Department of Defense Child Care Fees, DD 2652
    • CYS Health Screening Tool: DA 7625-1, Tool 1 or DA 7725 (if identified during the registration process)


  • SKIESUnlimited
    • CYS Health Screening Tool: DA 7625-1, Tool 1 or DA 7725


  • Youth Sports
    • CYS Health Screening Tool: DA 7625-1, Tool 1 or DA 7725
    • Health Assessment/Sports Physical (complete Parts A, B & C). Due before participation in all sports activities


We may also require a Medical Action Plan (MAP) if your child/youth is diagnosed with allergies, diabetes, asthma/respiratory, seizures that require any rescue medications, or other conditions noted by Multi-disciplinary Inclusion Action Team (MIAT).



Parent Orientation

Once you’re registered with CYS and enrolled in a program, Parent Central Services schedules appointments to acquaint parents with their child’s program. These sessions are an important part of the enrollment process and are offered at times convenient to parents. Orientation highlights include:

  • Facility tour
  • Orientation of our programs and spaces
  • Review of rules of conduct and procedures
  • Opportunity to meet staff, care providers and key volunteers
  • Chance to complete required forms
  • Parent participation
Get on the Childcare Wait List (

Requesting care is a snap with

Military Child Care (MCC) is a Department of Defense website for military families seeking child care. This single online gateway enables families to search for and request care, manage their requests and update their profiles online. Once you create an account, you can start requesting care.


Go to to create an account containing information about your family, or to login using an existing username and password.


Search the system for the child care options that best fit your needs and submit your request for care.


You can manage your requests for care from anywhere in the world.


Keep your My Profile page up-to-date with important information.

Will I get a Wait List number or an indication of how long will it be? will provide you with an anticipated placement time for child care when you request care.

Child Care Fees

According to public law, child care fees military-wide are based on Total Family Income (TFI), which is how much the parents make. (Fees are based on TFI and apply to children who attend on a regular basis. Parents are mandated by public law to pay their share of the cost of child care. Section 1793 of title 10, United States Code, requires that DoD prescribe uniform fee regulations for military child development programs.)

Parent fees are determined during the enrollment process prior to enrolling in a regularly scheduled Child Development Center (CDC), Family Child Care Home (FCC), School Age Care (SAC) or Youth Programs operating before 1300 hours and annually thereafter. 

WebTrac offers easy bill payment, tax forms, receipts, class sign-ups and other convenient options. Payments for childcare can also be made at any CYS Child Development Center, School Age Center, and Parent Central Services (PCS).

Children with Special Medical Needs

We love our kids with special needs – and make every effort to include them in CYS activities and programs.

To do that, every installation convenes a Multi-disciplinary Inclusion Action Team (MIAT), which explores child care and youth supervision options for children and youth with special needs, including life-threatening conditions, functional limitations and diagnosed behavioral/psychological conditions.

The MIAT recommends child care and youth placement. It also determines reasonable accommodations and availability of services to support a child/youth’s special needs.

The MIAT includes parent(s), CYS Coordinator, Outreach Services Director, Army Public Health Nurse (APHN), and Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) manager.

For Kids

Military Kids Connect is a DoD program to help connect military kids with each other and with the resources they need to cope with military life.

Parent Participation

CYS needs parents, too! Want to get engaged with CYS? Here are some ways.

Parent Volunteers: Throughout the year, we need parents to help out with activities. The Parent Participation Program encourages parents to volunteer with CYS, assisting with special events and activities (like field trips, holiday events, and special curriculum programs), small group activities, and special projects (such as playground improvement, procurement of equipment, and administrative aid). Parent Participation Program volunteers can take advantage of reduced child care fees for regularly scheduled programs, too.

Parent Education: Want resources to help raise healthy children? Join us for a variety of parental education classes to enhance parenting skills.

Parent Advisory Council: If you’re interested in a leadership role, look into the Parent Advisory Board, which meets quarterly to discuss ways to enhance Child and Youth Programs.

Enrichment Programs

Don’t need childcare? We offer enrichment programs, too!

Here are some of our most popular on-post activities:

     Kids On Site! provides short-term hourly child care to parents attending on-post meetings or functions in the same or adjacent building.

     Parents on Site offers support services for parent co-ops, infant/toddler playgroups, and short-term care in unit settings by Family members in another unit or organization.

     CYSitters offers formal training for teens from adults who provide short term hourly child care for Families in their own homes. The training covers the skills needed to safely and appropriately care for children, including first aid and CPR, program activities, and the “business” of babysitting.

     School of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration and Skills (SKIESUnlimited) includes a range of out-of-school classes in areas like music, dance, martial arts, gymnastics, technology, life skills, SAT prep and athletic experiences. 

     Deployment Support Services provides special options for eligible Army Service members, including deployed Soldiers, dependents of Army Fallen Warriors, and Army Wounded Warriors assigned to a Wounded Warrior Unit. If you’re deploying, contact your local Parent Central Services Office or your child’s program.

PCS'ing and Relocating

Transition of Child Records

Parent Central Services provides Army-wide transition assistance such as Global Data Transfer (GDT) of child records and accepts projected registrations for continued services. The system is designed to streamline the relocation process for military and civilian families. Standard data elements (such as names, birthdates, child health records, etc.) should follow each Family to their new duty assignments and make the local CYS registration procedure faster and easier.

Importing and exporting data for relocating families is part of the regular CYS in-and out-processing protocol.

Parent Advisory Board

The CYS Parent Advisory Board is comprised of parents and CYS management staff from the Child Development Center, School Age Center, Middle School Teen Center, and the Youth Sports program. The board serves as a method of communication between program managers and patrons, and fosters collaborative CYS program improvement. Parents that participate are eligible for a discount towards their child’s day care fees.

For more information, or to volunteer to serve on the board, please contact any of the following program managers:

SAC Director: (845) 938-0086

CDC Director: (845) 938-8526

MST Director: (845) 938-8889

Sports Director: (845) 938-8896

Parent and Outreach Services Director: (845) 938-3969

Parent Training & Education Opportunities

Parent Education - Outreach Services offers Parent Education classes throughout the school year.

Army Fee Assistance

All Army Families may be referred to the Army's current resource and referral agency, Child Care Aware of America (CCAoA) for help to locate civilian providers to assist with their child care needs when installation space is unavailable. Those who are eligible may apply for Army Fee Assistance (AFA) to help pa for the higher cost of civilian child care. Visit Child Care Aware of America for assistance or more info.