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Victor Constant Ski Area

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The Victor Constant Ski Area was dedicated in 1946 in memory of Capt. S. Victor Constant, Dept. of MA&E, who as coach of skiing, designed and supervised construction of these slopes and tows and by his skill and leadership, developed recreational and competitive skiing into major activities at the Military Academy.


2023-2024 Victor Constant Ski Area Brochure

Daily Ticket and Rental Purchase Guide

Trail Map

FMWR Rental Facilities

(If accessing PDF from government computer, "right click, save as")

For the safety of all patrons:
Children 13 and younger must be accompanied by an adult. Sledding and Tubing on the ski hill (including the bunny hill area) is prohibited at all times. Trespassing is prohibited after hours during snow-making.

Hotline for Daily Updates, Facility and Operation Times:
(845) 938-2475

X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing available weather permitting.

Located on designated tracks on the West Point Golf Course.
For equipment rental and additional information, please call (845) 938-8810

Victor Constant Ski Area Job Listings

Check back here for job openings for the 2024-2025 season usually posted in November.

Refund Policy and General Procedures


If a refund of a season pass is desired, refunds can be obtained with no questions asked until the ski slopes are open for business. Credit card paid passes can be refunded at the ski rental office when the office is open during normal operating hours. Those passes paid for by cash or check will be refunded by check one to two weeks after cancellation. A processing charge of $5.00 will be applied. Request for cash paid season pass should be initiated at the ski rental office. Telephone is (845)938-8810/3726). Thank you for your cooperation.



1. Season passes are non-transferable. Reselling or allowing another person to use the pass constitutes theft of services. The Season Pass will be revoked and the action dealt with by MWR management.

2. I agree and understand that my season pass may be canceled without refund, if abuse my privileges by acts that endanger my life or others, or violate the N.Y.S. Code Rule 54, Article 18, "SAFETY IN SKIING CODE" & "NSAA Your Responsibility Code."


1. No snow toys allowed (sleds, toboggans, toy skis and snowboards without metal edges) allowed at any time.

2. Victor Constant will not be responsible for any stolen or damaged property. Unfortunately items can be stolen if left unattended, we suggest to all of our customers to lock up skis and boards. If something does get taken or damaged we always recommend that you file a complaint with the Military Police (845) 938-3333.

3. Our lift requires routine maintenance. We will not be responsible for grease damage to any outwear due to grease dripping from lift. This is an inherent risk of the sport.

4. We ask that all snowboarders use a leash with their snowboard. We will be spot checking for leashes on lift lines. If you forget your leash, we have them available at our retail store for $6.

5. While we recommend lessons through our ski school, parents are welcome to teach their children but both parent and child must have a valid snow pass and equipment while on the snow.  We are looking out for your protection.

6. We ask that parents stay off the snow and behind fencing while watching their child's lesson.

7. As per Army regulation 215-1, chapter 8, section II, 8-24, line 17 - No member, guest or group will be permitted to bring food or beverage into a MWR FB&E facility for consumption on the premises. If you bring your own food you can eat it on the outside deck portion of the lodge area. If you are seen eating outside food inside the lodge, you may be asked to move outside during this time. 

Daily & Season Snow Pass Prices

Daily Snow Pass (Monday - Friday)

Mon. - Fri. DoD (E7 & Above, Civilians, Children 14+) Cadet / E1-E6 / DoD Child (ages 4-13) General Public (All Ages)
Full Day 3-9pm $32 $28 $36

Passes will be available for purchase online or in person at the ski area.
Daily Snow Pass Click Here

Daily Snow Pass (Saturday - Sunday & Holidays)

Sat. - Sun. & Holidays DoD (E7 & Above, Civilians, Children 14+) Cadet / E1-E6 / DoD Child (ages 4-13)

*Authorized Users
(All Ages)

Full Day Sat. 9am-7pm

Full Day Sun. & Hol. 9am-5pm

$36 $30 $40

Passes will be available for purchase online or in person at the ski area.
Daily Snow Pass Click Here

*Must be sponsored by an Authorized User.

Season Snow Pass

Season Snow Passes Click here
December 1st through the season
  DoD (E7 & Above, Civilians, Children 14+) Cadet / E1-E6 / DoD Child (ages 4-13) General Public (All Ages)
Unlimited Pass $368 $303


Weekday Pass $295 $242 $410
Weekend Pass $260 $210 N/A

Season pass sales will end once the season begins (1st ski day). No season pass sales during the operational ski season.


Daily & Seasonal Equipment Rental

Daily Ski Rental Click here
Daily Snowboard Rental Click here
On-site Ski Rental Click here                                                                                                           
Off-site Ski Rental Click here
On-site Snowboard Rental Click here

Daily Equipment Rental

Equipment Cadet, E1-E6, DoD Child (ages 4-13) All Others & General Public (All Ages)
Ski/Boots/Poles $27 $29
Snowboard/Boots $27 $29
Boots Only $14 $16
Skis Only $18 $20
Snowboard Only $19 $21
Poles Only $5 $5
X-Country Skis $18 $22
Showshoes / Tails $10/$2 $10/$2
Helmet $12 $12

Seasonal Equipment Rental

Equipment On-Site Off-Site
Ski/Boots/Poles $179 $215
Snowboard/Boots $179 N/A
Helmet $40 N/A

ON-SITE RENTALS: Call ahead and we will have your equipment waiting for you. No more storing, loading, unloading, carrying your equipment to and from West Point. We will size you to the correct equipment at the beginning of the season. Please call for your pick-up (845) 938-6013.

OFF-SITE RENTALS: Take your equipment with you and ride at West Point or anywhere else you want. Equipment must be returned by April 1, 2024 or a late charge of $20 per day will be assessed.

2023-2024 Lesson Programs

2023-2024 Season - Registration for Military and DoD members begins December 4th.
Eligible DoD Civilian and Dependents begins on December 5th.
General public members can start making purchases December 6th.

Sign-up for lessons Click Here

Lessons are designed for various levels of ability, from the entry level to the advanced student who wants to improve their technique and knowledge. Students will be evaluated by the instructors to determine skills and will be placed in groups according to ability and age. Entry level students can expect to become familiar with the equipment, balance, agility, edges and stopping. Those who have progressed will work on: change of direction, linked turns, match the skis, maneuver over varied terrain, and ride the chairlift. All students will be coached to improve their skills and progress to their next steps. NOTE: Student’s progression varies.


What do you need:
Lesson Only: you have your own equipment; you have a season pass.
Lesson, Snow Pass: you have your own equipment; you need lesson and snow pass.
Lesson, Rental: you already have a season pass; you need lesson and rental.
Lesson, Snow Pass, Rentals: you don't have anything; need all three.

Lessons Disclaimer:

Children MUST be able to take care of their own personal needs (potty trained). This program is designed for children new to the sport and not yet able to use a chair lift.

Please remember, the size of the group is based on skill ability, maturity, and age of students. All of Victor Constant instructors are 100% volunteers. We try to keep the same instructor(s) with the group for the entire session but please be aware that there can be substitution during the 4-week period for Plebes, and 5-week period for Ski Wee.

Seasonal Locker Rental

Season Locker Rental Click here

LOCKERS: $75 per season



There are 85 seasonal lockers on the lower floor of the Class of ’48 Ski Lodge available for rental annually for occupancy by eligible patrons. Seasonal lockers are capable of holding two (2) sets of skis, boots and poles, or four (4) pairs of skis. Locks are not included.

​​​​2. SEASON:

Victor Constant Ski Area closes in mid-March. Equipment and locks must be removed from seasonal locker by 1 April. Access to Ski Lodge is not permitted after this date as Victor Constant Ski Area will be closed and inaccessible. Items left behind are assumed property of the Victor Constant Ski Area and may be disposed of as such.


Pay online at the above link.


100% of the seasonal locker fee must be paid at the time of the locker request. Failure to satisfy payment deadlines will result in forfeiture of reservation.


Subletting or selling of seasonal locker privileges is prohibited.

Tuning & Repair

Tuning and Repair Form Click Here
Tuning and repairs will begin Monday, December 7th. Drop offs preferred on Mondays and pick ups preferred on Fridays. 

Our tech shop offers ski and snowboard tune-ups along with minor equipment repairs during normal operating hours.

Same day and next day services available.

Service Details Price
Full Tune

Welt belt base grind, minor base repair,
sharpen edges, hot iron wax

Basic Tune

Minor base repair, sharpen edges,
hot iron wax

Base Grind Only

Ski or Snowboard

Sharpen Only Ski or Snowboard $10
Hot Iron Wax Ski or Snowboard $20

Binding Release/
Retention Check

Yearly check of equipment

Binding Calibration Test

Equipment must be prior "marriage", same boot & binding combination

New Ski Binding Mount New bindings on ski $50
New Snowboard Binding Mount New bindings on snowboard $29
Old Binding Remount

Old bindings on new skis/
old bindings on old skis

Snowboard Binding Repair

Repair binding on snowboard

$15 and up
Base Repair 1'-3" $20-$29
Misc. Hardware N/A $1-$5

Tech shop only works on 2019-2020 indemnified bindings. If you are not sure, speak to a technician.

Drop off/pick up service is preferred.

Resale Merchandise



VC Sticker $2.00
VC Beanie $20.00
VC LS Tee $20.00



VC Mug $40
VC 12oz Wine $25
VC 20oz Tumbler $30


Group Outings

For group outings, please contact us at (845) 938-8810 or email

Class of '48 Ski Lodge Rental
April 1 - November 30 - $750 for five hours
December 1 - March 15 - Ski Lodge Only - $700 for Saturday 8pm - 12am
December 1 - March 15 - Ski Lodge Only - $700 for Sunday 6pm - 10pm
Ski Lodge & Mountain (includes rentals) - $1,800 for Saturday 8pm - 12am
Ski Lodge & Mountain (includes rentals) - $1,800 for Sunday 6pm - 10pm

Hold your next event/party at the Victor Constant “Class of ‘48” Ski Lodge.  This beautiful newly renovated rustic lodge is the perfect winter venue to celebrate. 

Now handicapped accessible, with updated bathrooms it has a large L-shaped  area with two large gas stone fireplaces, a renovated outdoor deck with accommodations up to 120 patrons.

Want to ski and snowboard as well, the opportunity to rent the entire ski area for your party exists.  Skiing, snowboarding, and rentals for your guests are included if you choose that option.




[Victor Constant Ski Area at West Point is Recruiting Ski and Snowboard Instructors]

We are recruiting ski and snowboard instructors.  All of our instructors are volunteers who receive season passes, free training, in season clinics and access to ski at West Point during operating hours.  This is an opportunity to share your love of snow sports with the community.   Our ski and snowboard weekend lessons are scheduled on Saturday and Sunday and run for one hour each.  We ask that instructors teach (or are available to teach) 24 lesson hours during the season.  We welcome new instructors who are PSIA/AASI certified or brand new.  We provide free training. 

Interested instructors may contact Bill Medrano at for more detail and to volunteer.  Join us for a great winter!

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