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Private Organizations, Commercial Solicitation, Home Based Businesses

We hope you find this webpage to be resourceful as it contains step by step instructions, regulations, and policies that pertain to Private Organizations, Fundraising, and Commercial Solicitation, to include Home Based Businesses (HBB) currently operating on West Point.  We have also included a process map for each section to enhance awareness and minimize confusion.  Our goal is to work with all applicants to ensure compliance, offer resources, and remind approved vendors of upcoming permit expiration dates. 

Home Based Businesses on West Point

Before you begin, please note...

Included in the SecArmy Memorandum for HBBs, specifically, are the following paragraphs:

- Paragraph 3 c. "Persons who reside in family housing on an Army installation and work remotely out of their residence (such as a consultant, freelance artist, or teleworker), or who operate their own business exclusively through online means (for example, eBay or Etsy) are NOT considered HBBs and do NOT require approval to operate."

- Paragraph 6 e. "HBB owners residing in privatized on-post housing must obtain approval to operate in writing from the community manager before submitting a request to the senior commander."

1. HBB Policy Secretary of the Army Memorandum dated 17 December 2018

2. HBB Food Operations are Not Authorized

3. HBB Requirements for Cosmetology

4. Home Based Businesses on West Point

Currently Approved List of West Point HBB's:

Approved Home Based Businesses on West Point.pdf

HBB Customer Disputes/Complaints Contact Form

This section is for customers that have dealt with a Home Based Business residing on the USMA West Point Installation. If you have endured a negative business experience, poor service, or did not receive products/services as promised by the Owner, please submit your comments to our Garrison Command Team by filling out the following form:

Commercial Solicitation of Off-Post Businesses on West Point
Private Organizations on West Point
Private Organizations & Fundraising

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